How to Install android on the Microsoft Surface RT (UEFI)

Install Android on your Microsoft Surface RT (UEFI) 

Today we are looking something that a lot of peoble have been requesting, a tutorial on how to install android on the surface RT. This tutorial is for the UEFI version of Android which only uses 1 core of the CPU, in a future i will try to do a tutorial on the APX mode, that is more complex and require more knowledge to do. In this case we will install Android AOSP 7.1.2. I made this video in spanish about how to install it:

What we need


First We should have made the steps 1 and 2 from this link to disable Secure Boot, right now that part is in spanish, in the future i will try to translate it too to english.

  1. Connect a Micro SD card to your computer
  2. Open Rufus
  3. Select the Android image, in this case we will use the Android AOSP 7.1.2 image
  4. Select the SD Card and click on start.
  5. Once rufus finished with the Micro SD card, take it out of yout computer and insert it on your Surface RT
  6. Next conect the USB to your PC
  7. Format the USB to Fat32
  8. Go to the Plug and Play Booting Tool for USB zip and uncompress its contents to the USB
  9. After that, connect the usb to your Surface RT
  10. Press Volume Down and the power button of your surface
  11. Once it has booted on your screen will appear a menu, select the Env USB option (If the USB does not Boot try to create a second empty FAT32 partition on it).

  12. Wait until Android boots, a surface with a troll face will appear o your screen and you will see a black screen for 2 to 5 minutes before android boots, the first time this is slow.

After all those steps you will have android running on your surface.

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  1. Excellent. Do you have any progress on using all 4 cores?